Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I looked for stuff on that guy I said it sounded like was going to be the Vice President today. Then I seen something else that sort of makes it sounds like he's not going to be. So maybe you should skip reading stuff where I said he was maybe going to be.

But that is not what this one is about. This is about Fox you know the news station Fox. When I was looking for that other stuff I found a blog by Fox. Well really someone that works for them. You can read it here. It wasn't that good so maybe you don't want to. But I wanted to tell you in case you do read it THEY LIED. They said this:

McCain told more than 600 potential voters at a town hall meeting in central

Well let me tell you. I was there. It was hot. And I had to stand in line for a long long time to get in there. Like THREE hours!!!! And they make it sound like there was just like around 600 people. But let me tell you there was lots more than that. There must of been 1000!! people there cause it was a really big room and it had lots of seats but they were all taken so we had to stand. There wasn't even much room to stand there so we were ALL stuck together. So when they say that they just want people to think it was a smaller bunch of people. But it wasn't. Even the news I watched that night said it was like 1000.

So. The news shouldn't lie. This is something else that should be banned. Especially cause they didn't tell you there was like only 20 or so Obama people outside. They were sort of rude too. I don't know why the person who works for Fox didn't mention that to everyone. They stood there yelling about that change thing and holding big signs that didn't make any sense. One of them said he wanted change. I think he should remember that thing everyone says about being careful what you ask for. Cause he could meet Obama and Obama could give him like 12 cents and say there's your change. That would be really funny. Get it? Change? Like money change.

Anyway. I wanted to tell you that that person lied so maybe you should be carefull if you see that person saying anything else cause they aren't that honest and maybe if you read something else it could be a lie to.

Vote McCain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!