Monday, August 11, 2008

John McCain likes families

Remember when I told you John McCain liked families a lot? Well it's really true. And not just cause he has more kids than that other guy either. John McCain likes families and wants to do things to help them.

This is from his website. I'm still looking at his site. But this is what he says about helping families:

He will help Americans hurting from high prices.
He believes we should send a strong message to world markets that we will be using less of their stuff and more of our own so they should prepare for it. It's nice of him to warn them about that so they can get ready for it to happen.
His work will make the dollar worth more. It will still be a dollar but when other people in other places want to exchange it for their money, it will take more of their money to trade.

This will make American's money last long and worth more. That means they can buy more stuff for less money again. Which is really good.

It's like if you had 1 dollar now, you could only buy one piece of candy maybe a Hersheys bar or whatever you like. But with his plan that dollar could buy you more stuff probably two Hersheys bars. Families need that cause it takes a lot of dollars to buy everything they need and it would be nice to get more.