Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lots of stuff

Before I tell you all the new news you should know I started school again. That's sort of why I haven't written much.  I have like CRAZY homework and cause I do all that first there isn't a lot of time for me to read everything AND write. So I just read it.

First of all... I'm going to be in another parade. It's the Labor day parade and I'll be walking with the Republicans to show my support for John McCain!!!

Second of all, McCain has picked his Vice President. He went to Dayton Ohio for it. I wanted to go, but I had to be in school so I did not get to. But when I came home I watched stuff about him picking the Vice. Her name is Sarah Palin. She is the governer of Alaska right now. She has five kids! So she probably likes kids as much as John McCain and his wife do. She likes to fish and hunt too.

Her political jobs started in 1992 as a city council woman. Then she moved up to Mayor. After that, she tried to get voted in for Governer, but lost the first time. So she tried again and won in 2006. I like her.

And guess what?? That Obama guy was here today. In Lima. I DID NOT go to see him. He went to some church, so he probably didn't say anything anyway cause when you go to church you are suppose to listen, not just stand up and beg people to vote for you or lie about your tax plan helping people when it is not helping. Plus he probably didn't say anything cause talking in church is just rude to God unless you are the one who is suppose to be talking and you are talking about God. Anyway I did not go. Not really because of him, but cause I don't go to that church anyhow.

Right now on TV is stuff about the hurricane. And the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. They are going to make some changes to the convention. So far they said the President is NOT going to be there tommorow. But they don't seem to have much to say about the rest of it except that they are not 'ruling anything out'. That's sort of like when you ask your mom something, and she says "we will see" or "maybe". I hate that.

And because my mom reads this thing I want to remind her that she still did not get my McCain sign for the front yard. I asked her to get the big one but she got NOTHING so far. Maybe she will feel bad for not doing it and get it this week if I mention it to everyone.