Monday, August 11, 2008

Stuff about John McCain

I watched this video about John McCain.

It's good that he was in a war a long time ago because we are in a war now and we need someone who knows something about it. I feel bad that he was held up over there but I think that makes him care more about the soldiers we have in Iraq now cause he doesn't want anyone to have to go through that like he did.

I don't think Obama was in a war ever. I looked for something that said he was but I gave up cause I just found other stuff. But I think that if he had been, he'd probably do a commerical about it or something. I haven't seen any and I watch a lot of commericals . I don't think he was even a soldier either. That's not good. The best thing is serving your country, and he probably didn't do it. So he shouldn't get to be President now. John McCain loved the USA so much he was a soldier. Obama didn't. Maybe he loves the country now, but he's still not a soldier. Maybe he should go be a soldier and then try later to be a President. But I guess he might be too old to do that now cause all the soldiers are sort of younger than Obama and he might not be able to run as fast as they do. That wouldn't be good. So maybe he should just do something else. But not be President. Cause I want John McCain to be President.

And I like this video too. It is about how Obama doesn't support things that are good for jobs and how he tries to raise taxes and how it all hurts families because the economy isn't good when you do that. John McCain loves families and kids and so he tries to do things that will help all families. I think he has like four kids. That's more than Obama. So he must like kids more too.